God is not lost, but is still preserved. Don’t forget the providence of God, as will be demonstrated further.
Today, there are about 5,255 manuscripts. When we look at these manuscripts, 90% of these manuscripts agree with the traditional Textus Receptus Manuscripts, the true Majority text. Blake states that every word of the original is preserved perfect, not in any one manuscript, but in a majority text (Blake, Counterfeit or Genuine, page 212).

The only problem with Blake’s statement is that Blake means Greek Manuscripts only. Another problem is that there are known bad manuscripts, that all will agree are bad. These should not be considered. It should noted that all second Century manuscripts, even if not in Greek, must be considered. The old Latin and Syrian Manuscripts of the Second Century, should also be considered. These manuscripts are by far the oldest manuscripts, and hold to the Textus Receptus position. Not a Wescott and Hort Corrupt Greek position.  A good example to show why this is important, is seen in I John 5:7-8. Cyprian, Bishop of Carthage (200AD- 258AD)  quotes this as written by John (Volume 5, 418, 423 - Ante-Nicene Fathers); Vigilius of Thapsus quotes it in the 5th Century. The Codex Montforti and the Vulgate contain it, and Old Latin and Syrian Manuscripts of the Second Century. For a long time during the dark ages, there was a heresy denying the trinity. This could have easily lead to an omission of this passage in Greek copies of Manuscripts. However, God in His providence, made sure it ended back in Beza 1598 TR edition, which the King James Translators used.

When we consider God’s Sovereignty, we must conclude that the perfect word of God is in the preserved Textus Receptus. I personally believe it is Beza 1598 Edition. That is not to say that there are not other TR editions. In looking at my library, I found that the differences between TR, might be as many as 7 words!  Did Paul say you or us in Peter?  This is really the most serious question between the various forms of the Textus Receptus. Now compare this number to the quote from Which Bible, page 119. “What then is wrong with Hort’s Modern Greek Versions? They are off at lest 36, 000 times”.  I presently have in my hand,  “The Doctored New Testament” comparing Westcott and Hort’s  1881 Greek text with the Textus Receptus, as compared by Dr Scrivener 1881. This is Published by Dr Waite, the Bible for Today. This is a very thick book, because 36,000 differences takes a lot of paper. As I look through the book the differences are not minor as is commonly taught, but very major, and frightening!

One reason for problems with translations is Satan. Dr. A. W. Pink said, “Satan, having done his best to destroy Christ, the living Word, and having failed in that plan, his next plan of attack was upon the written Word of God”. As a matter of fact, Satan began attacking the Word of God in the Garden of Eden, as has


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