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Matthew 6:3
KJV (1611 Edition) – thy right doeth… Your present KJV version – thy right hand – changed in 1613

Acts 24:24
KJV (1611 Edition) – which was a Jew…  Your present KJV version – which was a Jewess – changed in 1629

Daniel 3:15
KJV (1611 Edition) – a fiery furnace… Your present KJV version – a burning fiery furnace – changed in 1638

2 Corinthians 11:32
KJV (1611 Edition) – the city…  Your present KJV version – the city of the Damascenes – changed in 1629

Ezekiel 1:17
KJV (1611 Edition) – returned… Your present KJV version – turned – changed in 1769

Exodus 14:10
KJV (1611 Edition) – An extra 21 words (Check it out!) Your present KJV version—deletes these words!

Also see Dr. Waite’s booklet #1294 (Dean Burgon Society Press, Box 354 Collingswood, NJ, 08108, USA). He found 136 changes of substance.
Do I also need to mention that the 1611 KJV contained the Apocrypha in it, as part of the Bible!

I personally have checked all of these differences myself, comparing my 1st Edition 1611 KJV, with today’s 4th Edition KJV.

Before you quit reading this article any further, let me say that the Greek Text (Textus Receptus) is God’s preserved Word.
It is the Greek Text that the English King James Versions, were translated from.
Later in this article, I will prove to you I hope, why this is God’s preserved Word, without error!

God had the New Testament written in Greek, not English. Any translation, no matter how good, cannot be perfect, because you are going from one language to another. You can rely on a translation, only if it comes from the right Greek text. If you start with a corrupt foundation, the product is also corrupt, no matter who built the structure. At this point I need to tell you that all modern English translations, but the King James, and the New King James are translated from corrupt Greek Manuscripts. If you used any of these you are truly using a Satanic Bible.


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